Metal Slug 4

Get the guns ready and step inside that huge armored vehicle in this cool side-scrolling action arcade game - Metal Slug 4!

The game is set a year after the events of Metal Slug 3. A new threat has risen and deadly cyber virus threatened to attack and destroy any nation's military computer system! Join the elite commandos and go on a quest to infiltrate the enemy using yourself as a one-man army! Collect weapons, foods, ammunitions, and collectibles as you rescue hostages and bring down all enemies ahead. Find a powerful vehicle and go on a rampage throughout the battlefield. Good luck!

Emulator Controls:
= Directions
S = A   W = C
A = B   Q = D
 enter ↵  = Start
  space   = Select
To save/load game: Hover over the emulator screen, some icons will appear at the bottom of the emulator. Use the Down arrow icon to save the game to your local computer. Use the Up arrow icon to load the game.

Tags: Arcade, Shooting, Action, Skill, Retro, Platformer, Challenging, Emulator, Neo-Geo

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