Pokemon Greninja-Z

Pokemon has never been cooler! Play the Pokemon game with Ash and his new ninja-like frog Pokemon in Pokemon Greninja-Z! Play the role of Ash Ketchum and explore the region of Kalos and become the strongest Pokemon trainer with Greninja as your partner. Gather the strongest Pokemon from the very first Generation up to the sixth Generation Pokemon. Let your Pokemon learn new moves and try to achieve Greninja's powerful evolution, and even it's over-powered Mega Evolution. Will you be able to unleash Greninja's full potential? Good luck!

Emulator Controls:
= Directions
Z = A   X = B
A = L   S = R
 enter ↵  = Start
 ← backspace  = Select
To save/load game: Hover over the emulator screen, some icons will appear at the bottom of the emulator. Use the Down arrow icon to save the game to your local computer. Use the Up arrow icon to load the game.

Tags: Adventure, Strategy, Action, Role Playing, Emulator, Game Boy Advance, Pokemon, Ninja

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